About Me

Hello. My name is Alex.

I am a gamer and writer from New York who simply appreciates gaming on a deeper level.

Video Games are an art form and they are a platform in which we create our own incredible experiences.

I created Inside A Gamer’s Life back in college with a primary focus of getting new gaming information out there. Eventually it expanded and my articles featured more personal experiences with gaming.

Inside a Gamer’s Life will feature news discussions, suggestions and discussions about new and existing games, the affects of gaming on players, and tip articles to help players perfect their game. I will also be posting on my personal journal section so you can follow up with me on whats going on in my life while I’m writing articles.

If you prefer a more personal look into gaming without all the noise then this is where you need to be!

Side Note: I also have a crazy love for reptiles and I feel that they are generally misunderstood animals. I own 4 of them and they are simply amazing from their vertical shaped eyes to their crazy colors and patterns. There are plenty of times I just wanted to write about them so I made a page dedicated to them.

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