Neon Abyss – My Decision To Start Streaming

This year has been a huge change of pace for me. In my quarantine post I discussed how I have had to use my time to focus on myself and put to rest many past injustices I have experienced. Additionally I have also made changes to my personal life and decided to finally take a chance on myself and start streaming video games. I am hoping to create a positive space for people to watch awesome gaming moments and also feel free to engage in conversations with me about getting better at games and finding a healthy gaming life balance. Getting into streaming has been on my mind for some time I’ve never taken the chance to try it. As well I am a very reserved so recording myself is something that I am still uncomfortable with, however I am hoping I can entertain my viewers with my game play and voice.

The first game I decided to start streaming is Neon Abyss. A 2D side scrolling rogue-like shooter that is simple enough to sit back and watch, while still being challenging enough to interest viewers. I took a chance with this particular indie game because this year I have found that rogue-like games are quickly becoming one of my favorite genres. Similar rogue like games like Enter the Gungeon, Dead Cells, and Hades, are so incredibly fun and I enjoy seeing their unique graphics. Neon Abyss is one of these games which shares some similarities, yet still holds its own unique space.

Neon Abyss sets itself apart is in its overall challenge style. Instead of just trying to just make it to the exit of the game world like some of the previous games mentioned, Neon Abyss changes up the formula by having “Megaman” styled bosses called managers that you need to work your way up towards and defeat. Each one gets increasingly difficult as you need to completely restart the entire process and fight your way to the next big boss fight including every previous boss along the way.

This may sound extremely annoying and tedious to some players but the ever increasing challenge is helped by the awesome amount of unique abilities and weapons the game offers. In addition, each level has many hidden and inaccessible areas littered throughout and if you can manage to find the resources to get into them they can provide a greater chance of making it to the end. The game also features a lot of “cyberpunk-ish” styled elements with its neon colored art style. It also features a lot of techno music which fits the theme of the game perfectly.

I have been streaming about 6 times over the last 2 weeks and so far streaming has been pretty challenging. I did not realize how much talking you actually have to do while playing live and it has been an awakening for me. However, I still find myself facing doubt when I begin to stream simply because there are so many other people playing the exact same game at the same time. It makes me think I have a lesser chance of getting noticed but I am not giving up. I’m still new to all of this and I know it will take time to get everything up and running with new followers.

For my readers who are interested in checking out a future stream I am using the name: IAGL_Kenja117 on I will continue to stream Neon Abyss for a while longer, but I have already started to stream DOOM Eternal’s new DLC the Ancient Gods Part 1. I will continue to switch games as they come out and will stream whichever I am into at that moment. Thank you to everyone who continues to read my posts and support my blog, it is greatly appreciated.

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